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Scott Disick Admits To Eating A Bag Of Hawaiian Rolls And 20 Ginger Ales A Day Before Using Weight Loss Drugs

ZAK BENNETT. Getty Images.
(Page Six) Scott Disick reveals he was eating an entire bag of Hawaiian rolls and drinking 20 ginger ales a day before slimming down with the help of a weight-loss medication.

During Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” Khloé Kardashian gushed about how “amazing” Disick, 41, looked but suggested he “stop losing weight.”

Disick told Kardashian and Kris Jenner that he was “pounding a whole box” of Hawaiian rolls every night. “I love them,” he said. “But I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

The father of three also didn’t realize that ginger ale was “the same as a soda.” “It just seemed like it was a soothing drink,” he explained, noting that he would drink cans of ginger ale “all day.”

HAHAHAAH UMMM….WHAT SCOTT? An entire bag of Hawaiian rolls…A DAY? 20 ginger ales??? I'm blown away. I understand celebrities constant need to lose weight and look slim, but I never would've put Scott in the "needs ozempic" category. I'm no doctor, but I'd probably say that before you start with the hard stuff, maybe just switch up your diet? Maybe don't eat a pallet of thick bread and 20 cans of soda every day? He's got to be rich enough for like, a nutritionist right? I'm sure someone else in the family could chip in to save him from overdosing on weight loss drugs to the point of looking dead? 

I will stand with him when it comes to the category of Ginger Ale though. Obviously it's soda, but he's right - I'd never put it in the same category as a Coke or a Dr Pepper. You drink Ginger Ale when you're sick, hungover, or on a plane. It's basically medicine! How much sugar could possibly be in it? Drinking 20 cans of anything is absurd, but I'm willing to cut poor Scott some slack on his lack of soda knowledge. That's how you know he isn't a true fat guy, and might just be going through something. He'll spend his life pining away for Kourtney who is happily married to Travis Barker, and that'll be it. 

It seems like these weight loss drugs are finally starting to show their true colors, huh? It's a slippery slope when you weren't even obese to begin with, and more and more we are seeing people overdoing it. I do think having access to weight loss drugs is good for people who really need it, but I'm sure we'll all look back in 20 years and be appalled by how widespread its become. It's completely become a vanity thing, of course….only in America!