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Word Coming Out Of Giants Camp Is That Malik Nabers Looks Like An Absolute MONSTER So Far

You know what? Fuck it, I'm doing the gif!

Sure, Art Stapleton saying that Malik Nabers had the best practice as a Giants receiver since Odell Beckham Jr. is like someone being the best athlete at Barstool. The bar to clear isn't all that high considering the G-Men haven't exactly been a destination for WR1s with Sterling Shepard always getting hurt right as it looked like he was ready to take the reins, Darius Slayton leading the downtrodden offense in receiving yards almost every year like a modern Chris Calloway, and even David Sills getting an army of hype behind him as fans tried to will him into a starting NFL wide receiver. But Art also isn't some hot take artist that tosses around compliments just to go viral.

We also got similar vibes from Jordan Raanan and Dan Duggan, who are two other Giants beat reporters that I trust with all my figurative and probably literal battered Big Blue heart.


Fuck it, let's rip it again!

I also completely understand that guys playing 7-on-7 football in shorts in early June is a hell of a lot different than playing 11-on-11 in pads come September. But ever since He Who Shall Not Be Named re-signed Odell to trade Odell, any positivity about a potential stud wide receiver for the Giants was going to hit like crack, or at least what people tell me crack hits like since I am too scared to try it. What's the point of being a fan of a team, especially one that has struggled over the last decade, if you can't get hyped over super slo mo replays like this?

I know the Giants fanbase has been locked in a civil war over the quarterback for years, which will clearly move even more to the forefront now that the running back that inspired a civil war with the same fanbase is gone. But so far everything looks pretty good on that end of the spectrum, likely because the offensive line can't fuck anything up yet.


I will also pistol whip anybody who says Drew Lock is going to be the Giants QB1.

Add it all up and what does it mean? Not a goddamn thing! But getting a little crumb of hope about your team's Top 10 pick that can be a complete game wrecker is all Giants fans can ask for this time of year and I cannot WAIT to see these Nabers highlights along with the reactions to them in the Giants offseason Hard Knocks, which admittedly has me feeling very excited right now.