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Congressman's Son Steals The Show On CSPAN...BONUS -Ranked Worst Places To Be Dragged Via Your Parents

UPI News-  A congressman delivering remarks on the House floor was upstaged by his own 6-year-old son, who decided to show off his funny faces for the cameras.

The clip, broadcast on CSPAN and shared to the network's social media channels, shows Rep. John Rose, R-Tenn., delivering remarks about former President Donald Trump's recent conviction while his son, Guy, sits behind him.

Can't get enough of this kid. Absolutely steals the show. Now I have no idea what led to this kid being dragged to The House floor, but I have to imagine John Rose had absolutely no other choice than to bring his son to an important meeting. Regardless of what led to it, I'm glad it happened because this kid rules.

You can tell he's the perfect mix of bored out of his mind and hamming it up for the camera. He knows exactly what he's doing. The faces, the toy, everything. Just a star on the rise. Give this kid his own show. 

Bonus : 

Worst Places To Be Dragged Via Your Parents 

The Mall Department Stores

Forever when I went to mall as a kid I would ask my mom if we could go to "real mall" meaning the strip of stores like Foot Locker, Brookstone etc. Nothing was worse than getting trapped in Sears getting a vacuum cleaner. Hell. 

The Bank 

Absolute hell on earth. There is always a line, it's always boring. The drive through was always packed, Absolutely nothing in there to entertain you except pamphlets on a ROTH IRA. Nightmares for an 8 year old. 

The Doctor 

I'm not saying when you have to go to the doctor, I'm talking when one of your siblings goes and you are stuck sitting in that waiting room. Absolutely hell on earth. The TV has on one channel with a shitty picture and it's always a soap opera. The magazines suck, there's NO ONE to talk to. You were threatened to be quiet, the lady behind the desk is glaring at you the entire time. The doctor is the worst place on earth for a kid.