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Delonte West Has Been Arrested Again In A Sad Story Where Police Had To Chase After Him Until They Found Him Unresponsive And Needing Narcan

Fuck. What a sad story. And yeah, the Mug Shot is absolutely ridiculous, but I'm not really feeling / seeing any jokes about it because I think the general consensus of Delonte West getting arrested again is.....fuck. What a sad story.

Obviously he's had his struggles with mental health and addiction, resulting in arrests dating all the way back to 2009, that spanned across 2022 with multiple arrests within 2 weeks, and everything in-between from getting assaulted on video to panhandling despite making millions in the NBA. But there were times of positivity, like when Mark Cuban helped him enter a rehab facility in Florida and train to enter the Big 3. Only to no show the draft....

But even as of last year, he appeared on Good Morning America to talk about his comeback story!

But then he reappeared this morning, in what apparently was a pretty bad / sad situation.

The police tried to serve Delonte a warrant, so he took off on foot. The cops chased after him but lost sight of him. They ultimately discovered him on the ground and unresponsive, so they used Narcan…but it didn't work. He was then transported to a local hospital where Narcan was administered again, where it finally worked. Delonte was eventually discharged from the hospital and taken to jail.

Fuck. What a sad story.