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Called His Shot: Geno Auriemma Claims He Randomly Told Dan Hurley Last Night That 'You Could Win A Lot Of Championship With The Lakers'

We know what's going on. If, somehow, you haven't been awake or on social media since 7am, the Lakers are trying to hire Dan Hurley: 

Yeah, the best coach in college basketball, lunatic on the sidelines. That guy. I need to know why these two were talking about the Lakers because there's only 2 options:

1. They were talking shit about JJ Redick

2. Hurley hinted at being interested in the job

There's no other reason! 

I see a lot of people trying to say it's like Pitino going to the Celtics from Kentucky. I don't think that's true at all. First off, Pitino went from the Knicks to Kentucky to the Celtics in a 14-year span. In a 14-year span Hurley would be going from St. Benedict's to the Lakers. Not to mention from a style standpoint, Hurley's style is made for the NBA. Pitino relied on pressing, going balls to the wall and Hurley just has a dominant offensive scheme. It's more like Donovan to the Thunder than Pitino to the Celtics. 

I also see people screaming this is a leverage play because Woj is close to the Hurley's. You also factor in that Geno just signed an extension yesterday and yeah, that side all makes sense. Except the Lakers aren't used for leverage. Hurley used the Kentucky flirting for leverage. The Lakers are a completely different animal, no matter how much of a disaster they seem to be. 

I actually do think Geno makes a logical point here. If people truly think college basketball is like coaching pros without the name, why not coach in the NBA? This isn't Hurley saying he hates NIL or anything like that, he's used the portal to his advantage as much as anyone. But why not just go deal with 'real' pros and contracts when you've already won two titles? 

Now, I don't know if we have a LeBron lying situation on our hands here. Why would Geno randomly say something about the Lakers if no one knew this was going on? You don't just randomly say something like that, just like you don't randomly say Kobe is going to score 80. Nothing is official yet, obviously, but Geno is making it seem like Hurley is gonna take the job or at least leaning that way. 

Either way, we're back on Hurley watch. There's no doubt he's interested in the job, you don't have a report come out about the Lakers simply for leverage. You're already the best coach in college basketball, that's your leverage. You use a shit franchise like the Pistons for leverage.