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I Have Never Seen A Worse Beat On The Bubble Of A Tournament Than This


Here's the scene- it's hand for hand in a $5k WSOP tournament, meaning the next person to get knocked out gets nothing, and everyone else secures a min-cash worth $10k. You're short stacked and all in with the Q6cc, and it turns out you get it in ahead vs the lowly T7o. So far so good!

The flop comes 3 clubs, with the re-draw to the straight flush! Even the tournament director on the mic says the short stack will double up! Things couldn't be better! In fact, you're a 97% favorite to double.


And then the turn comes….



It's never easy, is it! Of course that pesky 10 of diamonds comes on the turn, giving Keating full house outs. Unfortunately for him, it's too little, too late, as Stauholm still has a lock on the hand to double up with only one card to come and a lot of cards left in the deck.



And then….you already know….





Absolutely brutal.

Watch the full video and you can hear the tournament director on the mic say on he flop that Stauholm will double.



This type of runout is bad when it's the 3rd level of the tournament, nevermind on the stone bubble. But you gotta appreciate how graciously he handled it. Hellmuth would have had a full toddler-esque meltdown. He would have punched that dealer directly in the jaw. He would have thrown a grenade into the middle of the floor. Casualties like you read about.