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Leader: Brian Daboll Had The Perfect Response When Asked About That Doofus Nick Sirianni Running His Mouth To Giants Fans About Saquon

You wanna see what a football coach looks like? It's this right here. Bald, Belichick-esque with the repetitive answer and one hell of a looking man. Don't know how I feel about skinny Brian Daboll, I like my Brian Daboll a little hefty. But either way, this is what I want to hear. He didn't take the bait. Anyone could have taken the bait to this. 

I have taken the bait on this because, well, it's June, there's nothing going on in the sports world, no update on Dan Hurley and no golfer has been arrested. I got time to call Nick Sirianni a doofus because that's exactly what he reminds me of. The screaming, the attempted shit talking, all that stuff. Pretty sure every Eagles fan I know has called Sirianni a doofus at some point. 

No shit the Eagles have had more wins than the Giants lately. We're not dumb, we know what has happened. But the only dumber thing than arguing that would have been giving Saquon a shit ton of money after the dumbest decision of drafting him No. 2. That's what happens when morons before this current regime were running the show and thought Saquon was the missing piece on a title team. Do we want him on the Eagles? Of course not. What fan wants a guy to go to a rival? The only Giant I'd ever want to see on the Eagles was Matt Dodge.

Credit Brian Daboll. He fucking loves Giants fans. Now let's go win some games. That's the important part here.