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Angel Reese And The Chicago Sky Players Say They Were Harassed Getting Off The Bus Yesterday, But The Only Video Circulating Shows A Different Story

And you can keep the Days Since Last WNBA Drama counter at 0, for about the one hundreth day in a row, because the Chicago Sky are still in the league. And listen, I want to be very clear, if whatever happened as they were getting off the bus yesterday truly was NASTY WORK as a man HARASSED Chennedy Carter with NO CHILLLL and GOD had to be thanked like these Sky players were tweeting, then I'm glad everyone is okay. The most popular take in the replies right now is that the WNBA wanted attention, now they finally got it, and they're complaining about it? That's not a fair statement. Let's not act like they're complaining about leading off SportsCenter here. No one deserves to be harassed, and according to these tweets, this incident seems to be horrible and it needs to, according to Angel Reese, STOP!

.....with that being said, the only video that has come out from the alleged atrocity is this one:

This can't be it. No way. Please God, no. Please don't let this be the incident that the Sky acting like was an unhinged lunatic trying to carry out an assassination attempt. Because that right there is the biggest Nothingburger of all time. He literally calls her Ms. Carter and asks her if she's reached out to Caitlin Clark. Is this the harassment they're talking about???

And let me say this: I don't want to be Conspiracy Guy. I don't want to be Hate Guy. I don't want to be Divisive Guy. But using my context clues, something doesn't add up to what the Sky are alleging. I mean, according to them, this would have to be just after the huge incident, right? Because the bus is right there. And we're to assume that right after a huge harassment incident that her teammates are smiling and security let Chennedy lead the pack without anyone there? Folks, that doesn't seem right. I'm no private investigator but this is the beginning of the incident right here....


And according to the media reports from outlets like the USA Today, which got quotes from the Sky GM, it all adds up that it was one man with a camera, and it was very quick. Just like that video.

The man had a camera and was trying to approach guard Chennedy Carter, however security was able to de-escalate the situation without the assistance of police, general manager Jeff Pagliocca told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"It was over as fast as it started," Pagliocca said. "I’m very confident in our security always making our players feel safe. Today was a great example of how critical they are to our team."

And listen, if I'm wrong, I'll be the first to say it. But the Sky, or someone, needs to release some footage from the egregious harassment incident or I'm going to be forced to believe that, once again, these girls are all about drama.