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LeFraud James Is So Back After Pretending To Invent A New Basketball Strategy That Literally Just Happened In The Celtics Game

So I think you guys know by now that I am the biggest LeBron hater at this company, but one compliment that I will give him is that he's fucking hilarious. But, and I cannot believe I'm making this comparison, is that he's like the Ben Mintz of comedy. When LeBron tries to be funny, he could not be less funny. But Ben Mintz LeBron James just living his day-to-day life will give you some of the most hysterical content you can find on the internet. My personal favorite thing that LeBron does to make me laugh is when he flat out lies for no reason. Examples (illustrated above) include:

- The phase where he'd carry books with him and have no clue what he was talking about, clearly just holding them for show. Example: the Malcom X book that his biggest takeaway was "He was a smart man" 

- When he said "Put yourself in situations where you're not comfortable" is his favorite saying

- When he called Kobe's 80 point performance before the game even started! Just ask his friends!

And let's not forget the time where he couldn't pick his favorite scene out from The Godfather!

Too many lines and too many phrases to just pick one!

ANYWAYS, that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog, and maybe I'm just being a prisoner of the moment here, is that we have a new entrant into the best flat out lies LeBron tells that he doesn't need to tell. And this one comes from his most recent podcast with former Lakers coach JJ Reddick where he invented the idea of Fouling Up 6 to keep it a two possession game.

I laughed out loud watching this, because you know DAMN WELL that LeBron James saw the Celtics just do this, and then he tried to take the idea for himself. You're telling me he's been on this planet nearly 40 years and he just randomly thought of this idea within the same week as the NBA team that just did it on National Television?

"Joe Mazzulla just did this in Game 1, I don't know if you caught it" - JJ Reddick

"I don't think I caught it" - LeBron James


What do you mean you don't THINK you caught it? No LeBron you literally saw it happen and then tried to act like you created the idea. And JJ Reddick knows it too! People are all running around saying JJ got cucked today by Hurley, but I'm thinking it was this moment that JJ got a glimpse into what working with LeBron is actually like and pulled his name out of the hat.