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The ESPN "Expert" Picks For The NBA Finals Are In And They've Officially Made The Boston Celtics The Underdog

Welcome to the NBA Finals everybody, we made it. 

On such a special day, the reality of the Boston Celtics actually being in the Finals and things finally getting underway was more than enough for me. Given we've been waiting since October for this moment, the simple fact that we're finally at June 6th was all the good vibes I needed.

And then I came across this gift from the ESPN "experts". You know, the people who have spent the last 10 days going on TV and slandering the Celtics left and right, talking about how the Mavs have the best two players in the series, how the Celts best two players hate each other, how their playoff performance actually stinks and has not been impressive, all that stuff. 

Well, it's time to take things up a notch

Who cares that the Celts went 64-18 during the year. Who cares that they are 12-2 so far this postseason. Who cares that they just got their 7'2 basketball cheat code back. Who cares that they have homecourt advantage.

You see it. 9-8 in favor of the Mavs. No excuses for DAL, they should win the NBA title. 

Meanwhile, the ESPN "experts" have given the Celtics the ultimate gift ahead of these Finals. They've made them the underdog. And I don't care what Vegas says at the moment, these are experts. People who have analyzed the game and whose word should be treated as gospel. Who watches more NBA basketball than the ESPN "experts"? Surely there's nothing fishy about pumping up the Mavs while also being tied to a sportsbook. Nope. This is as concrete basketball analysis as you're going to get from people who know ball.

Truly, this really is a gift from the Basketball Gods. Anything that allows the Celtics to now assume the underdog role is fine by me, and frankly it's nice to be on the other side of one of these ESPN graphics/predictions for once. We all know how it went last time


All I ask is that we just make a note of this moment. Should the Celtics win, just watch how quickly the narrative changes. Then it'll be back to "well the Mavs are a 5 seed, they shouldn't have even been there" or "The Celtics should have won the Finals, they were the best team all year, this is not impressive!" from all these same people who before the Finals have picked the Mavs. Remember, we've been told for 10 days that it's the Celtics who have all the pressure to win these Finals. Yet at the same time, Luka is the best player in the world, the Mavs have the best two players, and now the majority of the experts pick them to win the whole thing. 

Good. Check ball.

Listen, as we've said from the beginning, the only way all this bullshit stops is by winning the title. The way the players get their names played around with, the disrespect the team gets from these assholes, all of it. Be the first to 4 wins, and it's all gone forever. 

I certainly was not expecting a gift like this when I woke up this morning, but man am I sure glad it happened. The 76-20 Boston Celtics can officially play the "nobody believes in us" card heading into the biggest series of our lives. Unbelievable.