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No Duh - Charles Barkley Would Be The Biggest Free Agent In Sports, Every Single Channel Is Reportedly Interested In Hiring Him If TNT Loses NBA Rights

I know we throw no-brainer, easiest decision ever, etc out there all the time. But it actually applies here. We know that TNT is about to lose rights to the NBA. It's just a matter of time for it to be official and we also know that means the best show on TV is going to end. 

Yeah, Chuck hasn't exactly hid how much he hates his bosses. He's called them fools, idiots, basically said they drove the show into the ground with dumb decisions to lose it. So if/when TNT loses the NBA and if Barkley doesn't decide to keep the group together and go independent we're looking at the biggest free agent in sports. It's arguably bigger than The Decision. In fact, Chuck should host his own decision on the last episode of Inside the NBA during their Gone Fishin segment. What's it matter at that point? He has nothing to lose. 

We need more Barkley's on TV. We need more Barkley's in sports. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind nerding out and listening to someone break down scheme and go detailed like that. But everyone is doing that now. I can scroll Twitter and see it from people who I respect their opinion. I want to be entertained on TV. I want Charles Barkley threatening to beat up Shaq. I want Charles Barkley making fun of Ernie Johnson. I want Chuck to say whatever the hell is on his mind, even if it insults someone or pisses someone off. That's how I know he's doing his job. 

I don't want him on ESPN, unless he's consistently putting Stephen A. in his place. Give him his own show on Amazon. Let him pick who he wants, maybe he just picks Kenny and Shaq. Actually just run it back and hire everyone to go over there. That works too.