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Billy McFyre Fest Dude Was Looking To Fight Me At The Barstool Office

Yeah so I was just recording an episode of Audiocraic with Feitelburg which you can listen to here:

When Billy McFuckface alleges I lied about saying I sent him a kickboxing deal. This is just straight up not true. Devlin the RNR coordinator at barstool sent him a boxing contract. 

So Dave controls all the creative points of RNR so he would never had OK'd kick boxing because it requires too high of a skill level for the everyman to like. People understand people getting hit in the head with fists, they don't understand shin kicks and checking and all that's in kick boxing. So this would never have ever occurred. I would have never said we sent him a Kick boxing offer. He did say he wanted to pull up so I told him to pull up. 


The thing was it was 6:30pm and I had been at the office all day. The problem was, how long do I now have to wait for Billy McFarland to come to the office without people thinking I am ducking him. Like I planned on leaving around 7:30pm to eat dinner by 8 and get to bed early but now I was in a conundrum where I couldn't leave because he might show-up and I am not there. That would suck. Because I would have loved to whoop his ass. You see there's Karate guys who are legit nerds breaking wood boards and shit, and there's real MMA guys. McFarland is the nerd type who recently just beat up a tiny dude in a recent fight. My grappling and striking skills would easily overpower the guy who I have 20 lbs over.

He's just trying to get me to do his karate shit. 

Tune into Audiocraic we have a good time.