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'Championship Fishing Wasted' Needs To Be The Next Great Olympic Sport

As the late great philosopher Socrates once said, "dudes rock". 

Athletes are always so focused on taking Performance Enhancing Drugs in order to gain a competitive advantage in sports. It's the easy way out. It's for cowards who don't have the drive to put in the hard work themselves. We see athletes get banned from competing for their country every single time the Olympics come around, and it's shameful. 

But what about athletes who partake in some Performance Diminishing Drugs? Athletes who fuel their body with nothing but booze and cheeseburgers. This is what true athleticism is all about. Not taking an easy way out, but actively making it harder on yourself to compete. 

That's what we have here with Fishing Wasted. Just a bunch of dudes who show up to the pond looking to get absolutely obliterated, and maybe catch a fish or two while they're out there. Putting their bodies, and mostly their livers, on the line in order to win the big one. You're going to puke, you're going to pass out, your legs are going to feel like Jell-O, and you're probably going to shit yourself. It's essentially a marathon. Those are all the things you need to be willing to do in order to be crowned a champion. Plus it just looks like a great time. 

Sidenote #1: The best drinking game ever invented is drinking as much as you can while sitting down, and then standing up. 

Sidenote #2: "Old video! Old video!". Yeah, no shit. Welcome back to summer blogging where there aren't any sports to write about.