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Plot Twist: All Signs Are Now Pointing To The Lakers Hiring Dan Hurley As Their Next Coach, Planning To Offer Him A 'Massive' Contract

Holy shit, what is happening? It seemed like the Lakers were going to hire JJ Redick and that was all but locked up: 

Now unlike a Karim blog that reads the same, with the basic boring joke in every blog this is a real plot twist. Dan fucking Hurley is leaving UConn to go coach the Lakers. At least expected to do this, obviously things can go haywire but this sure reads like it's happening. That's one hell of a hire. You're getting a guy who can coach at any level, runs some of the best offense you'll watch and obviously can coach talent. He's sending guys to the pros as lottery picks, he can handle all of that sort of stuff. 

Look, for any UConn fan that will obviously be pissed about this. It's the Lakers. He said this offseason he'd probably coach in the NBA down the road. We apparently didn't realize down the road was about 2 months later. For UConn? Good luck trying to figure out what the fuck to do. Every player would have a 30-day window to transfer. You probably try to promote Kimani Young or Luke Murray to keep those guys and run it back for a year since you have a preseason top-5 team. Shit, maybe just let Alex Karaban be player-coach since he decided to return. 

Imagine being JJ Redick waking up to this news too? This was a 7am Woj bomb. You aren't just running around, paying attention to shit at that time in the morning. He's also getting ready to call Game 1 of the Finals and will continue to be asked about this. But for now it seems like it's Hurley. Need to know what this massive contract is going to be in order to get Hurley away from UConn and to the Lakers now. Unreal. And yeah, it sucks for the college game. Hurley is better in the college game, he's the entertaining coach we all remember from the 90s and wanted.