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IG Model With Most Obvious BBL Ever Is Shocked That People At Disneyland Were Looking At Her Ass

Have you NO shame, @GracieBon1?? NONE AT ALL? You arrive at Disneyland and make the happiest place on earth about your BBL? And then call it body shame?!

The person in the video above is Gracie Bon. She describes herself as a "plus size model" and is "that girl:"

In her recent trip to Disney Land she was shocked by the amount of attention she received for her BBL:


I really do not know what to say about any of what Gracie said.

"The day was ruined by all of the people making fun of my body…" if I was a plus-size model, I would be infuriated by this woman! She is not a plus-size model! She's a BBL model! The only thing that's plus-sized about her body is her booty. 

I don't care how many times she tells me that this is "God-given" it is not:

If you were wondering the billion-dollar question…..the answer is yes. She has an OnlyFans in her link in bio. Because of course she does. It was God who gave her that thought. 

Most likely this entire visit to DisneyLand was just one big ad for her. It worked. Here I am blogging about it. It also went viral on Twitter:

That's the new world of the internet. OnlyFans managers telling their models how to market themselves through viral videos. That's why I have made my official prediction about the Stanley Cup: