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Dustin Poirier Shattered His Nose, Broke A Rib, And Partially Tore His ACL While Fighting Islam Makhachev

"So you wanna be an MMA fighter, huh?"

Fighting Islam Makhachev is essentially like going to hell and back. Take Dustin Poirier, for example - this tough son of a bitch lasted five rounds with Makhachev on Saturday night, eating his best shots, stuffing his takedowns, and surviving on the ground through countless grappling exchanges before he was caught in the final few minutes....but now look at the price he's gotta pay for that. 

He's got a medical chart that reads like Mick Foley's after he was thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell!

Giphy Images.

Poirier broke his nose (as you can see in the x-ray below) and felt that immediately during the fight - he actually described it as "shattered" to his corner between rounds….

He says it was broken on an accidental headbutt right before eating a few knees in the clinch during Round 3, and upon slowing down the footage, that definitely appears to be the case….

Still though, he didn't lose a step, and just trudged through knowing it was do-or-die time. He also broke a rib at some point (not sure when that happened) and partially tore his ACL in the third round. 

Anyone watching that fight could've told you that Dustin Poirier was one tough son of a bitch, but the lasting effects this fight will leave on him really drive that home. He was at WAR out there. It also makes his possible retirement make a lot more sense, in my opinion. 

Who the fuck wants to risk this shit a few times a year at 35? He's got his hot sauce company and Good Fight Foundation to work on now, he seems content outside of fighting (hell, he's been doing it for 20 years); I bet he rides off into the sunset with this family. And he's earned that.

P.S. Seeing Lafayette give Poirier the hero's welcome at the airport (despite him not coming back with the belt) was awesome….


Fight fans could be the worst at times, but in times like these - they're the best.