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FS1's Joy Taylor Claims Caitlin Clark Basically Owes All Her Fame to Angel Reese

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

The idea of two opposing superpowered beings becoming inextricably linked together - two sides the same coin, if you will - is a universal theme. As old as the Greek myths of Zeus and his brother Hades, as new as Batman and the Joker:

The two locked in combat, seemingly forever, but still needing one another. 

And that is how at least one national Journo sees the bitter rivalry of our time. Joy Taylor of Fox Sports 1 has argued that without Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark would not exist. At least not the Caitlin Clark as we know her today:

“We were not talking about Caitlin Clark before Angel Reese walked up to her, did this:

Giphy Images.

… and pointed to the ring. This is not my opinion. I lived it. I watched it. It was recorded, it was broadcasted live. We were not talking about Caitlin Clark before that moment.”

Yeah, about that. 

You may remember that Anakin Skywalker was briefly half of an intense rivalry with Obi Wan Kenobi. And after he famous transitioned to a Sith Lord who was more machine than man, he would've said of Taylor's Mustafar-levels hot take, the revisionist history is strong in this one. 

We've rapidly gotten to the point where the pundits will say literally anything about this public beef in order to make it fit their own narrative. I mean, we're only a few days into this and Joy Taylor is looking right into the camera and saying nonsense she and everyone unfortunate enough to watch her say it knows is absolutely not true. That's fast, even by the low standards of FS1. And the public wasted no time calling bullshit on her:


Imagine trying to sell your (admittedly tiny) audience on this concept. Expecting them to accept your version of events. Like America was introduced to Clark the moment Reese brilliantly demoralized her with that hand gesture. Taunted her into the Kuiper Belt with that humiliating take down. But pretending that, at the time, the country was watching but wondering who the one with the ponytail with the Iowa No. 22 jersey was. And asking each other why the world famous Angel Reese was clapping at her. 

Still, you've got to hand it to Taylor for giving it the hard sell. Not her opinion. She lived it. She watched it. Unfortunately for her, it was recorded. It was broadcasted live. As were all the millions of other mentions of Caitlin Clark prior, not the least of which was Stephen A. Smith's interview over a year earlier. 

But by no means am I complaining. I'm all for anything that inflames this rivalry. The crazier the better. And I'll gladly sacrifice historical accuracy as long as it serves the cause of making everyone talking about this even crazier than they already are. Bring on that sweet, sweet lunacy. I cannot get enough.