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Dudes Rock: Zach Bryan One-Upped His NFL 'Revival' Encore By Jamming Out With John Mayer During Night 3 In LA

Jason Armond. Getty Images.

Zach Bryan is a superstar. No other way to describe him and right now his tour is one of the best things going. He's been out in LA and started it off by bringing out a bunch of NFL guys for Revival - his encore song 

Yeah, it might look like he's getting drafted or a walk-on getting a scholarship, but no-brainer move. You have big name athletes to bring out, you have to do it, especially when one of them is Dicker the Kicker. Star power meets star power. Now you gotta find a way to one-up it. What do you do? 

John Mayer

John Mayer fucking rules. I'm not going to argue where he ranks in best guitar players, I'm simply a guy who knows it sounds good. So I did the responsible thing and asked our resident music guy White Sox Dave, Dante because he replied first. 

Pretty fucking high now man. I can’t believe how much the Grateful Dead stuff has done for his legacy. He is respected so big time now

Nailed it. I knew I had a good ear for music and I'm a guy who will play My Own Worst Enemy by Lit as much as possible. But pretty fucking high and respected is basically number 1 in my book. That's why I love the move. You have the ability to bring out a guy like Mayer to rock some guitar with you, you simply have to. No one around here is saying no. No one with a brain is saying no to that. 

Music is one of those things that people will scream you're wrong for liking something and it always cracks me up. People like whatever the fuck they want. I like this. This is awesome. That's the only takeaway I have.