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Taylor Swift Stands Up For Lady Gaga Against Freaks Online Saying She "Looks Pregnant"

LETS GOOOOOOOO WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN!!!!! Im all jacked up!!!!! To get the full scope of this, you'll need a little backstory:

- A couple weeks ago, TROLLS online were trying to say Taylor looked/was pregnant after a photo of her performing went around. Total dumbshit. She responded subtly as such:

CASE CLOSED BITCHES! I thought everyone learned their lesson (huge mistake as usual) and THEN, a photo of Mother Monster Lady Gaga started making its rounds. Morons online thought the same thing about her, "IS SHE PREGNANT??" blah blah blah. Obnoxious. She then came out with her own video, quoting Taylor Swift's new song "Down Bad":

Our Queen Taylor of course commented on the video, saying what we're all thinking - STOP TRYING TO "GUESS" IF WOMEN ARE PREGNANT. Sometimes we are just bloated!!! I look pregnant right now at my desk!! The obsession with women's bodies is so out of control and exhausting that I'm just not sure if it'll ever stop. And you know what? The call is coming from inside the house!!! "Fans" of both Taylor AND Gaga went crazy with these rumors and it makes me sick. YOU AREN'T FANS IF YOU'RE SAYING SHIT LIKE THIS. 

Another thing I've been thinking about - social media of course, has a lot to do with why and how people are perceived. We shouldn't, as a society, even have access to seeing anyone this often. We see Taylor Swift 2-3 times a week, every week. We're about to see a lot of Gaga for her Joker press tour. Do YOU look or feel 100% every day? No. One of my biggest gripes being on camera for work is that I can't always be my sparkliest self. Sometimes my hair is in a weird bun and my pants are too tight. Sometimes I think I look hotter than I ever have, and I still see comments "Keegs pregnant?" ITS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. I don't know how Taylor and Gaga have the kind of grace that they do, because my reaction to all of this would've been a LOT more explosive and angry. Credit to them for keeping level heads and making light of the ridiculousness.