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Mad Dog Is Over The Moon About His Wife And Kids Being Out Of Town So He's Celebrating With "G Squared": Gummies and Golf


Mad Dog fucking rules, huh? I mostly missed his prime with Mike Francesa, but every clip that goes viral of Mad Dog is always a 10/10, just him either freaking out of being hilarious, or usually a combination of both. But this clip is my favorite because you know Mad Dog is just a DUDE. He's every guy who loves hanging with the boys, but eventually settled down, got married, had kids, and became a family man. Now though? It's no holds barred. Mad Dog will cash his ESPN paychecks and do his job...but he's going to do that job while he's higher than giraffe balls, while on the air.


Hey Stephen A and Molly, lighten up! Geeze Louise, get the stick out yer arses. Never seen a guy on edibles before??? Stephen A wants to yell nonsense about god knows what, meanwhile Mad Dog is dreaming of hitting one 240 down the fairway. And Molly, chill girl. It's ok- It's 2024, people do edibles at work these days. And it usually makes work 100x better. 

Now we wait and see if the stiffs over at ESPN are cool with this or not. I could see them being annoying cucks and suspending him or something for being "high on the air". But if ESPN had a pulse, they'd realize this is easily the most entertaining thing in years and encourage more anchors/personalities to pop an edible before the show. SVP off the gummies every night at midnight? Chris Berman rumbling and bumbling through the highlights every Monday night? Sign me up!