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The Most Electrifying Sports Commentator On The Internet Is Chelsea Fan, Jazz

I love this kid. He has been popping up on my tiktok for months now. I don't know what it is exactly, but I can't take my eyes off him when the tiktok algorithm blesses me with his content. He's so angry/disgusted with every single question he is asked, but also has insane memory recall for who won what where and when. 

He's incredible and everything that is great about the internet. Before tiktok this guy would have ZERO chance at being a sports personality. Now, he's everywhere. It seemed like most of his videos are from a man on the street type account called Badge Sports. Recently though he has been feature on others include the BBC and Sky Sports which are basically like the English ABC/ESPN. He's a star. Just started his own tiktok account (which I somehow can't find at the moment when searching). I hope he is able to turn this stardom into a full fledged career, if he hasn't already, because he has that je ne sais quoi. Probably couldn't do long form, but he is the short form king. The internet has democratized sports coverage and allowed guys like him to show their knowledge and personality that was never possible before. I can't even put my finger on where he is from. Obviously lives in England, but that doesn't sound even remotely like an English accent. Sounds more like an American ex-pat to me. If he is....sign him up stateside because I'd rather listen to him than Alexi Lalas at this point. 

This is another reason why I hope tiktok is never actually banned. We need platforms that give unique people like Sketch and Jazz to flourish outside of the mainstream. This guy is great. I feel like he is angry directly with me when I watch him. I've never seen him do a Forest take and I hope he never does. Don't want to ever be at odds with the Jazz Man. 

I want to find a way for him to come on the soccer show we are doing here.