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Jason Day's Outfit Has Once Again Stolen The Show, This Time He's Basically Wearing A Bathing Suit At The Memorial

We know that Jason Day is wearing ridiculous stuff every week. Francis brought it up, the only way Francis could. 

Now would I wear those shorts that Jason Day is wearing today? Of course. I'm an asshole who plays a couple times a week and just tries to scramble for bogey before getting out of the round with like a 92 every time. I'm not on the PGA Tour. I'd also wear those shorts to my pool, because they look like a fire bathing suit. Perfect length, a little design, slap those on and drink some High Noons while standing in the shallow end. Hell, I'd slap them on for a night out. I like the shorts, I also don't play on the PGA Tour. I'm a man who grew up wearing plaid shorts, they have a soft spot for me anywhere but the golf course. 

But we're talking the PGA Tour here. You can't be going plaid shorts and untucked shirt, even during the Wednesday of the tournament. I also don't know if it's because I'm old now, but I've leaned way more into the take that golf pants are more comfortable than golf shorts. Give me the weather in the low 70s so I can wear my golf pants instead. No, I'm not in a Johnny Drama situation and worried about my calves. 

If we start letting guys wear this sort of stuff on the course, what's next? 54 holes? Team golf? Music? There's a code on the golf course, damnit. This isn't Reeves in Cincinnati, this is The Memorial. This is Jack's Tournament. In fact everyone should have to dress like Jack in his prime during it. 

Martin Mills. Getty Images.

Plaid pants work, with the sweater. That's style right there. 

The shorts are great for assholes like me and you. That's the point here. And hey, no doubt it's better than this: 

David Cannon. Getty Images.