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Ready To Feel Old? They Played "Unwritten" At Whitney From The Hills Son's Graduation

I laughed at this and then I felt really really old. The Hills stars being so old they have kids graduating Kindergarten was a realization that I myself am also very old as the show's stars were around the same age as me when it premiered. Let's first talk about The Hills in general, fake or not, just some all time television. I caught it much later than when it was on live, and it almost made me appreciate it more. What a glimpse into such a perfect moment in time of 2006-2010. 

In 2006 I was 19, in 2010 I was 23, as were most of the characters. In that time period, we all had phones, but weren't consumed by them, we were all working jobs we knew weren't going to be forever jobs yet took them seriously, we all thought our college friends were going to be in all of our wedding parties, we were broke yet spent on unnecessary stuff, we survived the week to go out on the weekends, and we were all uncertain about literally everything going on in our lives. Plus we were assholes. I can't imagine having life documented at that time period and living to tell about it. Plus there was no cutaway interviews to spin your side of the story, it was all just literally a documentary. 

Anyway, song is a fucking banger and it was very funny to see it get played at one of the stars of the show's son's graduation. Feel like this should be a thing at every stars kid's graduation ... except the Montag's fuck them ... total skells. All time banger of a song, funny to see Whitney have a laugh about it also. 

Hit the music Chief ....