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More Proof Basketball Players Are The Best Athletes: Former NBA Player Chase Budinger Clinched A Spot On The US Olympic Beach Volleyball Team

It's a pretty simple argument here, basketball players are making volleyball Olympic teams and football players are nowhere in sight. Can't argue that fact. Listen, I know Chase Budinger was always a great volleyball player, but this is a former MVP of the McDonald's All-American Game. This is a guy who was a top-5 recruit. The man could play basketball. The point is basketball players are the most versatile athletes on the planet. Volleyball, football, anything but hockey really and there's a chance someone from the NBA is going to succeed at it. 

Still think we need a whole handball team of former pros. We get to watch that glorious sport once every four years, it takes over the Olympics and we all talk about the dream handball team. I know there are rules and gameplay that need to be learned, but you're telling me a bunch of ex-NBA guys and NFL guys can't win gold there? We need something to get on the podium. 

I will say, I'm now going to watch every second of sand volleyball these Olympics. I don't know why but I always had a soft spot for Arizona basketball - probably because of Jason Gardner. That guy fucking ruled. He'd be a name I say during #Dudefest when naming random players from the early 2000s. Now Budinger is representing the USA and call me crazy, but I want us to win every gold medal. Not to mention it'd be another win for basketball guys. From the dunk contest to the Olympics, what a run for Budinger.