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Tokyo's Government Has Launched It's Own Dating App Where You Have To Report Your Income And Prove You're Single To Sign Up

So births in Japan have fallen for the 8th consecutive year, and let me first start by saying this: I didn't know that. Classic mixup on my behalf I guess, but I would've bet a pretty hefty sum that the population of Tokyo was rising, not sharply falling. Anyways, when tasked with the problem of getting their citizens to fuck more, the government of the capital of Japan has found a solution: create a dating app.  

Look I hate to knock a guy for trying, but I don't think this is very good idea. First of all, the requirements are a little more strenuous than Bumble and Tinder...

Users will be required to submit documentation proving they are legally single and sign a letter stating they are willing to get married.

What does legal documentation that you're single even mean? Meanwhile, here in the United States, we're releasing a billion names of husbands who signed up for Ashley Madison to cheat on their wives, ranking the top states of infidelity, etc. But in Japan, they're making Notaries watch over anyone who signs up for the government run Dating App and confirm they're single. Or else what? Arrested? Fined? 

Tokyo will require a tax certificate slip to prove the annual salary.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The greedy person in me loves this, but won't this kind of make it more of an upper class type of thing? A Walmart worker bringing in $31,000 a year isn't going to even sign up for the app, let alone get any matches. But more importantly, we'll finally get some hard data on the correlation between looks and money. Put a girl on an American dating app without her salary, and then compare it to the Japanese app when it shows she's bringing in $350,000 a year.

An interview will be required to confirm a user's identity as part of the registration process for the Tokyo app.

Ok maybe I'm just a prisoner of knowing nothing about Tokyo's culture but who the fuck is signing up to do all this? Interview, provide tax returns, and legally prove you are single…..all just to get no matches?

Look, my stance is simple: if you're going to use the government's power to try and increase the amount of births in your country, you have two options:

1. Make condoms illegal

2. Pay people to fuck (or I guess a more proper term would be to use taxpayer money to subsidize having kids)

…..but creating a dating app with entry rules that would make coming into America look like walking to the public park is not the answer. (Insert your comments that it already is like the below)