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Dude Fest: A Bar In Idaho Has Declared It 'Heterosexual Awareness Month' And Will Be Giving Free Beers To All Straight Men

So the way this story goes is this weird ass bar in Idaho, which also hosts a Conspiracy Theory Trivia Night (would be electric), is hosting Male Mondays throughout the month of June. They are offering a free draft beer to all straight males, and I'll be honest, I thought at first it was a Gay Bar welcoming their allies. Nope, just a good ol' fashioned political statement because we live in the United States of America and cannot just be normal anymore. Let me take this moment to remind some of you that June is also Pride Month, seeing as a staggering NINE teams in the NFL have not promoted it yet across their social media.

This country is so fucked. Listen, I want to be very clear that I'm on the side of literally do whatever you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want.....but the fact that we've got people monitoring who is changing their logos to rainbow colors, because organizations are inevitably meeting to discuss if they want to change their logos to rainbow colors, and then the monitors are reporting the list of those who haven't, when then starts people saying they're going to boycott those all too funny to me.

Anyways, that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is simply that I think it's very funny, almost to the category of hilarious, that a bar that thinks they're sticking it to Pride Month by offering free beer to all straight dudes. First of all, if this goes how I think it does, the bar is going to be giving out a fair amount of beer (and maybe / hopefully to gay people that come in, drink their free one, and leave). But second of all, nothing says sticking it to Pride Month by gathering a bunch of dudes jam packed, butts to nuts, in a bar together....

Next Monday at the very Straight Bar (all Men pictured):

Getty Images.

Talk about Dudes Fest.