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'We Got Your Best Player' - It's Adorable Listening To Nick Sirianni Attempt To Talk Shit To Giants Fans, Clearly Doesn't Understand The Saquon Dilemma

I know we don't have a whole lot to stand on right now. We get our ass kicked by the Eagles almost every single game these days. But, we still have the Super Bowls and at least we don't have the most punchable face in the league. I'm pretty sure at this point with Sirianni even Eagles fans would agree with that. He's the most smug, Delco-looking dude who loves to go to Wildwood to hit up the boardwalk. Good luck finding a bigger asshat than this guy: 

So now he wants to brag that the Eagles signed Saquon Barkley. First off, go ahead. Congrats on overpaying for a running back who will 100% sulk and bitch when Jalen Hurts is snagging those 1-yard touchdown runs. Now is Saquon a good player? Sure. He's fun, he can break a 70-yard run once a game followed by a bunch of 3-yard dives. But he's not the best player on the Giants, not even close. He was the biggest name, not the best player. He was also a garbage No. 2 pick. Hated it then, hated it even more now. 

You think you're bragging when in actuality you just made sure we didn't have to pay $13 million for a running back. Thank you. Thank you for not worrying about Boston Scott, who is the guy that we feared the most against the Eagles. If Sirianni wanted to shit talk us, there are plenty of other options to go. Have fun with Saquon.