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The 2024 Philadelphia Phillies Officially Have "IT"

The 2024 Philadelphia Phillies won again last evening defeating the Milwaukee Brewers - a team with a winning record so the win actually counts - in extra innings to improve their record to a MLB leading 43-19 (tied for best record with the Yankees). Ho hum. Another day, another impressive, entertaining win for The Fightins. And it's time we officially don't take this season for granted. This team has "IT". 

What is "IT"? I still don't really know. I've never had "IT", that's for damn sure. But you just kinda feel it when you see it. You can identify it in individuals as people knew early on future stars like LeBron, Bryce, and Sebastian Telfair and Shohei Ohtani had those "IT" qualities. From a team perspective, I suppose you would summarize it with a combination of lovely factors such as talent, chemistry, fun, and above all, winning come together in magical ways. The 2017 Eagles had "IT" and it led to a Super Bowl championship. Same with the '08 Phillies. It unfortunately doesn't always lead to a title as the '93 and '11 Phillies (even the last two Fightins squad), '04 and '22 Birds, '01 Sixers, '10 Flyers didn't take it down, but you saw the elements of "IT", for sure. 

But this Phillies team, man. They've got something cooking we've rarely seen before. It's early, of course. And I'm NOT declaring victory over the season like Mets dumbdumb fanbase did in 2022 by crowning them NL East Champions in May. Nope. Braves are only 7 games back and still have the talent to win 100+. But it's cool. Cause the boys are just having the time of their lives out there and winning almost every game. It's actually impossible not to love this team from top to bottom in almost every situation. 


And they're doing it without Dancing On My Own. Thank you, gentleman (Stubbs). It was time. 

Of course, the generational fun and chemistry is awesome, but let's not forget that "IT" only happens when dominance and winning goes down. And the Phillies aren't having an issue with either. Just look the at this shit from the starting pitching staff. LOOK AT IT: 

Unreal. And that's not even talking about Christopher Sanchez who is the best 5th starter in the league or Taijuan Walker (who has been fine, just overpaid and not slaying extreme sack like everyone else so it doesn't look as good). They took a chance on Spencer Turnbull and he'd be a #3 starter on most teams but got forced to the Arm-Barn. Alvarado and Soto still sport their nasty shit more times than not. Future all-time Phillies saves leader Orion Kerkering is becoming a dominant force in the bullpen. Jeff Hoffman continues to be a force with a 1.01 ERA. And Matt Strahm has become KING. Seriously. Hasn't let up a run since March, a HR all year, and is supporting an ERA of 0.72 and a WHIP of 0.76. You can argue he's the best reliever in the game right now. 


How many all-stars does this team have right now? You can make an honest argument right now for Harper, Bohm, Realmuto, Wheeler, Nola, Ranger, Strahm, and Hoffman. That's 8 realistic all-stars from one team. 8!!! Also, Trea Turner was batting .343 thru 33 games before straining the hammy but his almost full-time replacement, Edmundo Sosa, steps in and legit plays like the best SS in the NL. That's "IT" shit, baby. Now just imagine a Luis Robertt, Randy Arozarena, or Kyle Tucker type in the lineup come Red October. Good GOD. 

Love to love it. Now let's sweep the Brew Crew before going across the pond to do the same thing to the Mets on a different continent. Go Phils.