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I Need Somebody To Explain To Me What The Hell Is Going On In Japan. They Got People Dressing Up As Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crash At A Comic Convention

Yahoo News - Kobe Bryant tragically passed away on January 26, 2020, at the age of 41, in a helicopter crash alongside eight other people. The crash occurred while he was traveling with his daughter, Gianna who also passed away, and others to a basketball game.

The world continues to mourn the NBA star and his daughter, with many paying tributes on the anniversary of his death, on his birthday, and on his daughter's birthday.

Four years later, a man attending a Comic-Con in China opted to wear a Kobe Bryant helicopter crash costume to the event, which has sparked outrage.

A video is making its rounds on social media, which shows the individual wearing what looks to be a handmade costume made out of plastic bottles and cardboard to create a helicopter. There is also a No. 24 uniform and a Kobe Bryant mask.

John-Carlos Estrada shared the video of the Comic-Con attendee, writing, "Tasteless! A man who attended a recent comic convention in China wore a Kobe Bryant helicopter crash costume to the event, which sparked a ton of outrage here in the States."

Estrada added, "The offensive ensemble used plastic bottles, cardboard, a No. 24 uniform, and a Kobe mask."

Earlier in the week I saw this video (on the incredibly entertaining AND informative Barstool Backstage Instagram account, which would be really great if you followed), and thought to myself, "well this is the wildest shit I'm gonna see coming out of the Eastern World this week."

A Japanese man, covered in more shoe-polish than Gaz and his boys back in 2010 at Hurricane O'Reilly's, eyes bugging out of his head, while doing his best rendition of Ol' Satchmo's "What A Wonderful World". 

But au contraire. 

Little did I know that that sight would pale in comparison to what I came across this evening. 

What's gotta go through someone's head to come up with the idea to do this?

John Carlos Estrade was damn right. Tasteless! It barely even begins to describe this.

And don't tell me that this is par for the course with Japanese dudes because they're into shock and outrageous shit. They don't even let you watch porn, full on P in V porn, without pixelating any and all dicks so that you can't see any actual sex. They're the biggest prudes in the world. So seeing this kind of stuff, and contemplating the thought process behind it leads me to only believe they are just flat out crazy.

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