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Color Me Shocked, The Orioles Called Up Another Member Of The Young Core And He Hit A Home Run For His First Career Hit

Yes, you read that correctly. The Orioles, a team that is absolutely locked and loaded with young studs who are bursting at the seams with talent called up yet another top 10 prospect who can absolutely murder the ball. Yes, there are more of them down in the minors and there is absolutely nothing anyone in baseball can do about it. Connor Norby, a 2nd round pick out of ECU in 2021 made his MLB debut on Monday night and went 0-3 in his big league action but then bounced back in a big way in his 2nd career start. Orioles up 8-1 on the lowly Blue Jays and his best friend Colton Cowser on 2nd base, sure seems like a good time for your first career hit, right? He did us one better, he smoked his first career home run into the Blue Jays bullpen to give the O's a 10-1 lead which would be the final score. All this team does is draft college bats and turns them into legit studs. It's incredible how the O's just don't miss on these guys. Norby joined 2 other highly touted prospects as O's rookies to hit their first career home runs for their first career hits since 2022, Gunnar Henderson and Heston Kjerstad are the others. 

Great call by my buddy Geoff Arnold in the booth too, two birds, one stone. A picture perfect swing too, pitch also couldn't be more down the middle. Didn't over swing, didn't jump out of his shoes, just put a gorgeous swing on it and watched it fly. Pretty awesome moment for Norby who played almost 200 games at AAA, nothing like notching your first career hit and homer in one swing, with all your best friends literally right there in the dugout watching you. Luckily for Norby they were able to get the ball since it landed in the Jays bullpen and they had already used a bunch of relievers so it was relatively empty. But this is such bad news for the rest of baseball, they saw Jackson Holliday struggle a ton when he came up and assumed that the Orioles young core was done, it's literally the opposite. And Jackson is back to raking in the minors. But they didn't even know Norby was a threat and all of a sudden he's hitting tanks in Canada as the O's inch John Schneider closer to unemployment.

2-run bomb in a blowout for your first career hit, doesn't get much cooler than that in the game of baseball. Busted his ass for years to get here and is immediately contributing on one of the best teams in baseball. Have yourself a nice Mr. Norby. What a way to welcome yourself to the show.