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Angel Reese Was Ejected From Tonight's Game, A Day After Saying People Are Watching Women's Basketball For Her Too

Listen, we've wrote extensively about the WNBA over the last few days. It's numbies city, and not the fake kind that an unnamed Barstool blogger may be botting. But the conversation unfortunately now has billions of layers to it, so if you're not in the loop then you live under a rock, but go read one of the 50 different ways we've covered it. Tonight may be my favorite part yet. In case you missed Angel Reese's comments yesterday (yes I'm linking to a Jerry Thornton blog instead of the one I wrote 12 hours earlier because it's infinitely better. Credit to me): 

And I don't care if you're on team Clark, Reese, women's basketball will never be great, etc. There's just something so poetic about this ejection. Look at the arm raise from the ref who looked like he's been waiting for this moment his entire career. Seems like some of the people are on team Reese though, including Bulls guard Lonzo Ball:

It would be hilarious if they fined her anyway for agreeing with what Lonzo said or if the NBA was like fuck it, we're fining Lonzo who hasn't played in a game in years. I think Angel Reese might be okay even if they do decide to, considering the WNBA fine is legitimately $1,000. Anyway, apparently the ejection was so soft that even Liberty guard Sabrina Ionescu even had something to say about it:


And Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon is saying that she didn't get an explanation period:

Even if you don't want to admit you like the product, you have to admit that this daily drama we're getting is basically saving sports in a down period between the NBA and NHL Finals starting. This stuff is peak cinema. Feed me more.