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Pardon My Take Ranks All 32 Starting NFL Quarterbacks

With nothing on except regular season baseball over the last few days, it was the perfect time for a great segment on today's Pardon My Take. Welcome to the 2024 NFL Quarterback Preseason Rankings. 32 players. 32 teams. And in a few months, 32 chances to either move up or down this list based on how this fall goes. 

32. Bo Nix

31. Bryce Young

30. Gardner Minshew II

29. JJ McCarthy

28. Drake Maye

27. Jaden Daniels

26. Caleb Williams

24. Derek Carr

23. Deshaun Watson

22. Russell Wilson

21. Anthony Richardson

20. Will Levis

19. Geno Smith

18. Kyler Murray

17. Dak Prescott

16. Kirk Cousins

15. Trevor Lawrence

14. Baker Mayfield

13. Matthew Stafford

12. Tua Tagovailoa

11. Aaron Rodgers

10. Jalen Hurts

9. Justin Herbert

8. Brock Purdy

7. Jordan Love

6. Jared Goff

5. CJ Stroud

4. Joe Burrow

3. Lamar Jackson

2. Josh Allen

1. Patrick Mahomes

There will be some people who agree with this list. And I can guarantee that there will be many, many more who hate it. Time for the AWL's to rip it apart. And away we go…