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'Ask The Bills How Important Super Bowl Experience Is' - Oilers Coach Kris Knoblauch With A Brutal Ricochet Shot, Reminds Buffalo How Cruel Sports Can Be

Any time you play a championship game, series, whatever, you're going to get these sort of storylines and debates. How much does experience matter? The Panthers lost last year, does it actually matter? If they win, everyone will say yes. If they don't, everyone just forgets the fact and moves on and wonder if they'll ever win one. Doesn't even matter the sport we're talking about here.

But this? This is just cruel. Look, the Bills making four straight Super Bowls is an accomplishment. It's incredible really when you think of win or go home situations. But the fact is the Bills are just known as the team who lost four straight Super Bowls. Quick shout out to Scott Norwood, as a Giants fan, appreciate that one at least. 

Really it's just a good reminder how miserable sports can be. We love it, we live for it on a day-to-day basis, but the moment you lose and every team loses, it's the end of the world. Lose a heartbreaker in the postseason? Forget about it, you can hold onto that moment for the rest of your life. Fuck Jeffrey Maier. Fuck Luke Maye. Fuck the entire shenanigans at the end of the 49ers/Giants playoff game with Trey Jurkin. See, names like that just don't go away. You remember that. Fans don't forget. 

Look, he's right. Experience doesn't matter when you're talking about one game. Weird shit can happen in one game and that determines how we view a player or franchise. But no one wants to be reminded of it. The Bills have Josh Allen right now. That's good, I mean they still are losing in heartbreaking fashion, but they have hope. Don't rob them of hope.