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Parameters For The Next Yak Case Race Are Being Put Into Place

We moved to Chicago at the end of last August and it's been awhile since our last case race. Almost a year now. The Yak fans have been hungry for one. And last night, with The Dozen's Captain of the Year voting a tight race, Big Cat made a big promise to the fans.

On today's Yak, we discussed the parameters of a Royal Rumble case race:

The idea would be Connor Griffin starts in the Yak studio alone and we spin the wheel for the first two entrants. Those two go head to head with a new Yak member added every few minutes to each team. After we get the full Yak squad in there, we'll add in four mystery guests on each team added via wheel.

From there, there is no set number, but a time limit. Once we hit the time limit, the most beers consumed by a single team wins. Can you imagine if Dana Beers or a heavy hitter is the last addition?

Also, we'll all dress as wrestlers. This is gonna rule. Catch the full Yak here: