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CJ Stroud Willing To Stir Things Up With Aaron Rodgers, Openly Tell Shit-Talking Stories And Admit He Was Mad At The Panthers Is Good For The NFL

Everywhere you looked the last two days it's basically been CJ Stroud clips from MDWOG. Subscribe to their pod, because you're not getting these sort of stories anywhere else. Wallo and Gillie know how to get these guys to open up and CJ Stroud did just that. Look, he's right that everyone would pick Eli's career over Aaron Rodgers. It's called being a multiple-time Super Bowl MVP and a lock for the Hall of Fame. Plus, Eli is the greatest to exist, so won't hear any complaints here. 

He doubled down and that's what everyone is running with today. I love that Stroud isn't afraid to say something 'controversial' like Matthew Stafford would have more than 1 ring if he was on the Packers instead of Rodgers. Somehow it got lost that Matthew Stafford was fucking good. Credit Stroud for bringing that up to everyone. Yeah, he had Calvin Johnson but other than that he was on the Lions. They are the lovable losers for a reason and during Stafford's era that reason was typically the defense. Really it was just him and Calvin Johnson making hero plays to win games. 

Even the shit talking stories are great. He's somewhat calling people out and more importantly admitting he's mad the Panthers didn't draft him. Not the first guy to be upset he wasn't the first pick or first pick of his position. But this is what sports should be. Think of every quarterback interview we're used to hearing. It's all the same canned responses. We grew up with every quarterback sounding the same and rarely said anything like this. But Stroud? He just says what he's thinking.

THAT'S GOOD. Not the NFL needs any help with viewership, they own our lives. We're going to watch no matter what day they play, no matter how shitty the product is, no matter how much the rules stink. It's football and we love football. But Stroud has the chance to be a superstar, MVP type player. Give me a guy with some personality every once in a while and that's what we're getting here. Again, it's sports. Sports are based on talking shit, wins vs losses and dumb debates. It's what makes everything great about whatever game you want to talk about. So if Stroud wants to mix it up with Rodgers, give it to us. We get to see Jets/Texans this year and give me a little animosity for a random ass game. 

Catch the whole interview here