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The Behind The Scenes Of Will Smith Filming The Newest "Bad Boys" Is Awesome


We were talking about this in the office yesterday- the whole slap thing and Will Smith being a little weird these days has overshadowed how generational of a talent he is. The guy is one of the best actors of all time in multiple genres, starred in one of the most iconic TV shows ever, and made music on the side that went to the top of the charts. This guy made Men In Black and then made the album for it with banger after banger after banger. And then he decided to completely switch genres and has since been nominated for not 1, not 2, but 3 best actor Academy Awards, winning 1 (and counting). And NOW he is going back to doing a Bad Boys movie just for the hell of it. That's what I love about him- he doesn't need to make Bad Boys 4, it's simply just love of the game. Actors like him are built different in that aspect. Will Smith has a zillion dollars in the bank but will still make movies and do the promotion tour because that's what he loves to do. 



And you know what? The slap was cool. It was a pop culture moment we'll remember forever, up there with the Kanye/Taylor Swift VMAs moment. One of those moments that we'll always talk about. I love that stuff. 

PS: There's a very famous story that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in "The Matrix" to make "Wild, Wild, West". It's easy in retrospect to say that was a mistake, but nobody had ever made anything like The Matrix when it came out, and the Wachowskis were fairly unknown filmmakers. The movie could have been an enormous flop. It could have been Waterworld. Will had just made Independence Day and MIB, so why change the formula? Plus, Wild, Wild, West kinda rules. People hate on it but that's a fun movie. It's not the Matrix but whatever, I don't blame him at all.