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Luka Doncic Completely Eviscerated Chandler Parsons For Trying To Force A Narrative That He Has Beef With Kristaps Porzingis

Glenn James. Getty Images.

One of the downsides of there being such a long wait for the NBA Finals to start is the media has to fill the time somehow. Sure they could go into actual basketball discussions, talk about matchups or style of play or different actual relevant basketball analysis, but we all know that's not going to be the case. What this layoff brings is #hottakes, where the hotter they are the better. I've spent these last 9+ days torturing myself and going through all the insane shit Celts fans have had to deal with/listen to when it comes to this routine, but they are not alone.

You see, it also happens with the Mavs. Manufactured drama that nobody can really prove, but will get clicks/headlines etc. So if I'm going to be consistent and talk about how bullshit it is to have to listen to when it happens with the Celts, we should also talk about how bullshit it is for the Mavs and Mavs fans.

Enter Chandler Parsons and his latest hot take in regards to Luka/KP

There's this attempt to take the Kyrie/Boston situation and morph it into a similar situation between KP/Luka/Dallas. I get it, both are facing their old teams, but their situations could not have been more different. If anything, I'd say Mavs fans were probably disappointed more than anything else with how the KP situation went down. Getting hurt is VERY different from everything that happened during the Celtics Kyrie Era. They didn't have anywhere close to the drama, the breakup wasn't ugly, it was mostly just a basketball pairing that ultimately didn't work out due to injury. KP has talked about how immature he was as a player back then and all that, but it seems weird to pit this as some sort of "Luka hated playing with KP and there's actual beef" situation. 

Which brings us to Luka's response to this take, which I have to say was pretty brutal if you're Chandler Parsons

"I've talked to Parson's maybe twice in my life" is tough to come back from. That's about as nice a way to say "Who the fuck is this guy?" as you can get. And to those who may suggest that Luka is playing nice here and wouldn't admit it even if he did have beef with KP, call me crazy but I'm thinking this guy isn't exactly the type of player who has a problem saying what he really feels about an opposing player


Perhaps the funniest part of all of this is the fact that Chandler Parsons himself is probably hated 10000000x more than KP is in Dallas. Seems a bit ironic if you ask me.

While it's certainly not new, this is the type of shit that has become so embarrassing throughout NBA discourse. We are on the brink of what should be a very entertaining Finals, and the entire time leading up to it has been these talking head shows that instead try and manufacture beef/drama/etc that really doesn't exist. We saw it with Tatum vs Brown, we saw it with the Kyrie stuff, and now we're seeing it with KP/Luka. I get that it's a way to get eyeballs and go viral and all that shit, but that's also why I love whenever a player steps up to the mic and calls it out like Luka did today. 

I'm sure there are some Mavs fans that hate KP and will boo him when the series shifts to Dallas the same way there are Celts fans that still hate Kyrie and will boo him every time he touches the ball. Welcome to sports. But the tired act of trying to suggest there is beef/hatred amongst players when in reality that person has no clue what they're talking about is getting more and more embarrassing by the season.