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On This Day 50 Years Ago, 25,000 Fans Drank 60,000 Beers At The Cleveland Indians 10 Cent Beer Night In The Best Story In Sports History

Happy 50th Anniversary to my favorite story in all of sports, 10 Cent Beer Night for the Cleveland Indians. For those of you that don't know the story, let me share the story that my Grandpa handed down to my Dad, who then handed it down to me:

- The Indians (God, it feels good to be able to blog that again) held this promotion in an effort to increase their attendance, seeing as only a few thousand were showing up per game.

- 25,000 people showed up to the game. The Indians did not increase security, so 50 total security guards were to control 25,000 people.

- The game was against the Texas Rangers, who had just had a pretty big brawl against the Indians the week prior, so tensions were already high

- Beers were 10 cents each, and the only rule was that you could get 6 beers.....per trip to the concession stand. There were no limits for the entire game.

- The concession stands couldn't handle the lines, so the beer trucks pulled right up to the outfield gate, and two teenage girls served the beers....at 10 cents a pop....to a bunch of factory workers from Cleveland.

- The poor girls couldn't handle the lines either, so 10 cent beer night essentially turned into free beer night.

- By the 2nd inning, a woman ran onto the field and flashed her tits. 

- By the 4th inning, a fully nude man ran onto the field, slid into 2nd base, and then ran off the field unscathed.

- In the 5th inning, two men jumped over the outfield wall, mooned the Rangers outfielders, and then ran around the field as security could not catch them.

- The Rangers manager went to the mound for a visit, and Indians fans responded to the delay by throwing full beer cups onto the field. Who cares? They were 10 cents. 

- The manager then blew kisses to the Cleveland crowd, resulting in Indians fans shooting fireworks into the Rangers bullpen. The umpires had to evacuate the bullpen.

- The announcers then asked fans to NOT throw things onto the field, which in turn resulted into everything being throw onto the field. 

- So many streakers ran onto the field that security just stopped trying. Fans literally stole the bases off the field. 

- In the 9th inning, the Indians stormed back to tie it 5-5, so a fan ran onto the field and tried to steal a Rangers outfielder's hat. The entire Rangers bench ran onto the field with their bats to fight the fan. The entire Indians team then ran onto the field with their bats to fight the Rangers. This fight happened in the outfield. The SWAT team had to come in.

- The Umpire finally decided to call the game. Forfeit on the Indians, victory to the Rangers. BULLSHIT!

- 60,000 beers were drank, 19 Streakers, 7 arrests, 7 emergency room trips, and the bases that were stolen have never been returned.

What a fucking story. Need I say more? I vote we bring it back for ONE night. And no, I'm not talking about the Indians nickname….I can't say that. But I'm saying let's bring back 10 cent beer night just one time. Fuck it, factor in inflation if you want. Let the Oakland As, who are drawing 6,000 people per game, try one 65 cent beer night and see how it goes. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

Paul Tepley Collection. Getty Images.