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LeBron Gives Kyrie His Flowers, Says He's The "Most Gifted Player The NBA Has Ever Seen" (He's Right)

This is the type of stuff that makes grown men cry. Anyone who TRULY likes ball knows that the league is infinitely better with Kyrie and LeBron together. That's the true type of brotherhood that everyone could use. And anyone who knows ball also could tell you that it's not that outrageous of a take to say Kyrie is the most skilled player ever. Show me another player with a package like this:

This isn't exclusive to just LeBron either. You ask anyone in their current NBA who their favorite player is or who they think the most skilled is and I guarantee you'll hear Kyrie from a considerable amount of players. What an analogy from the scholar LeBron too. Kyrie is like having a draw 4 in Uno every single time. Who else would come up with that to compare a player? Just the GOAT.

This is in the montage but LeBron saying it's the craziest shot he's ever seen has some weight to it:

It's coming home. Mavericks in 6. And then we find a way to get Kyrie reunited with LeBron in LA with Bronny off the bench. Give me back the game I love.