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'That Mugshot Isn't Going Anywhere' - Scottie Scheffler Delivers A Brutal Blow To Louisville While Joking About People Loving His Mugshot

So we finally got some real quotes from Scottie regarding the charges being dropped against him. Everyone has said it, but he's handled this better than, well, most would. He's taken the high road, decided not to go back against the cop who arrested him. He also finally referenced the mugshot. The very mugshot that Taylor Heinicke wore yesterday

Look, there are just mugshots that will never die, even just in the sport of golf alone. We know the Tiger one, the John Daly one and now Scottie is there too. In fact John Rich wrote a whole blog about mugshots once: 

But for the first time Scottie delivered a blow to Louisville. He did the unthinkable. He said the word that will drive people from Louisville insane. They may even turn and rethink the arrest. 

Pretty sure the first thing I learned as a freshman in college at Kentucky is you pronounce Louisville correctly. They care A LOT about it. They care to the point of where they get pissed off. I understand, somewhat. I mean no one pronounces my last name correct on the first time - thanks a lot, Ronald. You just learn to deal with it, don't correct people half the time and live part of your life as a Ray-gn instead of Ree-gn. If it wasn't Scottie, I really think the fine people of Louisville (who don't wear red, gross) would be making the drive to Columbus this week and treat him like Shoot McGavin. That's how much they care about the silent S. 


Either way, Scottie is right. That mugshot isn't going anywhere any time soon. No brainer the charges are dropped and you can tell he's still processing the whole thing. Again, the world's number 1 was arrested going into a major golf tournament. That is as batshit crazy as it gets in this golf world.