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MLB Has Suspended 4 Players For An Entire Year For Betting On Baseball, While Padres Infielder Tucupita Marcano Has Been Banned For Life

Denis Poroy. Getty Images.

It still amazes me every time when a professional athlete gets caught betting on their own sport. Literally do anything else besides murder and you'll likely find yourself in better shape. You'd think after the whole Ohtani/Ippei debacle people would be more careful about dabbling into this. Also the Jontay Porter crisis. Even before that, the Calvin Ridley situation should have been a clear statement across all sports that you can't get away with this. Apparently not!

Five players catching suspensions for betting on baseball, with Padres infielder Tucupita Marano getting the worst of it as he  receives a life time ban for betting on the Pirates while he was on their active roster. Morons, all of them. 

Sad day for the Tucupita Marcano stans out there. The dream of being inducted into Cooperstown is over. 

(APMarcano’s 387 baseball bets included 231 MLB-related wagers for $87,319 between Oct. 16, 2022, and last Nov. 1. Twenty-five of those bets included wagers on Pirates games while he was on the team’s major league roster. Now 24, Marcano, has not played since tearing his right ACL last July 24 and was receiving medical treatment at PNC Park last year.

Marcano bet almost exclusively on the outcomes of games and lost all of his parlay bets involving the Pirates, winning just 4.3% of all of his MLB-related bets.

Everyone is quickly zeroing in on the dismal 4.3% success rate on his bets, but it seems most, if not all, of those were long shot parlays. Obviously still abysmal. To bet 25 times on his own team and lose all of them is tough. Seems impossible, but this is alsoa guy dumb enough to bet on his own team in the first place. Now if you want to put on a little tin foil conspiracy hat, the last thing MLB wants is for it come out that Marcano was involved in any of these games (not injured like the reports claim) and was winning some of these. Not saying that happened, but a cover-up by the league wouldn't shock me. 

I sound like a broken record, but you just can't be dumber than this. I'm terrified to find out down the road that bigger names were doing this. Please stop now and save yourselves from ruining your careers.