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Can Someone Get Connor McDavid Some Private Security Or Something?

A video has surfaced of Connor McDavid allegedly grabbing beers after the Oilers big Western Conference Finals win and is getting absolutely SWARMED by the Edmonton Faithful and while you love to see superstars like Connor out in the mix being normal people, I have some issues with this. 

First off, can we get Connor McDavid some private security? I mean what are we doing here?? This guy is arguably the biggest celebrity in all of Canada right now, he shouldn’t leave the house without two giant security guards with him at all times. There is nothing Canada wants more than a Stanley Cup. Connor McDavid has a better chance to deliver that than anybody. Canada should be protecting this guy like he’s the god damn Prime Minister and we got fans just jumping in his trunk when he's trying to simply grab some beers. I’m sure there are a few goons from the Oil Rig who you wouldn’t even need to pay to ride along with 97 for the rest of the Cup Finals.

Second…he needs a “guy”. Someone just to do stuff for him. Need beers? The guy has got it. Want take out? The guy will go pick it up, Need beer covered for the WCF victory party? The guys most definetly has you cover. Connor McDavid is the last person in all of Edmonton who should be picking up the beers after the Western Conference win. 

People wonder why free agents and Canadian born players no longer want to play in Canada anymore, unfortunately this is part of the reason why.