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A Minnesota Juror Turned In The $120,000 Bag Of Cash Dropped At Her Door Step With A Note Promising More And Urging Her To Acquit The Defendants

A Minnesota juror was dismissed Monday after reporting that a woman dropped a bag of $120,000 in cash at her home and offered her more money if she would vote to acquit seven people charged with stealing more than $40 million from a program meant to feed children during the pandemic.

I'm not sure I've been more intrigued by a run-of-the-mill news story in a long time. Forget the fact that taxpayers got cheated out of $250,000,000 and that a few kids might've gone to bed hungry during the one cares about either of those things. The real story here revolves around the fact I thought this type of bribing the jury move only happened in the movies. Or at least the 1900s? Or at least in Mexico? Nope, in the year of our lord 2024, in the United States of America, a bag filled with $120,000 cash was dropped off to a member of the jury, with the promise of more should she vote to acquit 7 people charged with fraud. And now I have questions:

1.) In what fucking world do you tell the Judge? I'm not saying you vote to acquit the defendants and implicate yourself in a crime you didn't ever intend to be caught up in, but ummm, why not just take the money and then do your job as normal? What's the defense going to say? "Your honor, we paid off a juror and they did not hold up their end of the bargain". But then again, I don't know my rules and regulations of this country, so maybe that's a crime. Which brings me to my next point....

2.) How much do you think was actually in that bag full of cash? Me personally, I'm probably too big of a pussy to accept the bag and go on with the trial. I'd be too afraid of what could happen. But I can tell you right now with a hand on the Bible that if I got a $120,000 offer, I'd go right to that Judge and explain how some lady showed up on my doorstep with $20,000 offering me to rig the trial. And I'd be disgusted! So if this person is turning in 120K, what do we think was really in there? 500?

3.) What happens to the money? If you drop off cash to bribe a jury, and the jury gives it to the Judge, who does the Judge give it to? Can the defendant get it back from the Lost and Found at the court house? 

4.) Why would they dismiss the Juror for reporting this.....? Doesn't this seem like the exact type of person who you'd want on a jury? Someone who is fair and honest. 

5.) Do you think the other jurors got paid too? Talk about a fucking snitch if she came into the courtroom, ratted on herself, and now the rest of the jury needs to be like, uhh yeah we were just about to step forward too! Accidentally left our bags of cash at home today though...

Either way, what a story out of Minneapolis. And honestly, it gives me hope that this can still happen to me one day. People dread Jury Duty, but even with a glimmer of a chance that I could get a bag of cash delivered to my door step has me hoping that I get served a notice here soon. To be clear, to all Defendants out there, I can be bought.