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Jim Harbaugh's Keys To A Good Round Of Golf: Look The Part, Think You're Going To Hit A Hole-In-One, Be Better Than The Raiders At All Times

I could listen to Jim Harbaugh talk about anything for hours on end, but golf especially. He's got it down! Everyone knows the first step to a good round of golf is to not look like an asshole. Slap on the polo you bought from a nice course you played - or someone you know played and bought it for you as a gift. Harbaugh broke out the most popular golfer move - a Masters logo somewhere on him. Pretty sure if you have gone to the Masters at some point in your life you're going to play 50% of golf wearing a Masters shirt or hat. 

Then there's mental aspect. We know Harbaugh is a mental assassin. This is a man who will drink milk while shirtless in khakis and not think twice about it. If you think you're going to slice a shot directly into the water on the right, you're gonna do it. That's just a fact that anyone who golfs can relate to. So Harbaugh goes the other way. It's all about a hole-in-one, the elusive shot we all dream of hitting one day in our lives. Somehow it always seems to be our friend who is the shittiest golfer that blades the 6-iron in there and rolls into the cup, but we still dream of it. 

Finally there's the competitor aspect. Jim Harbaugh hasn't coached a game yet for the Chargers, but he knows he just needs to be better than the Raiders at all times. It's a good starting point. The man just came out of one of the best rivalries in all of sports, dominated the rivalry late and now is looking for that edge in the NFL. He's going to torment the Raiders any chance he gets, even in a golf outing. 

The man has the golf game figured out. Don't dress like an asshole, positive vibes only and beat the Raiders. The man also knows when he delivers a quote that's good. Look at this face. 

Nailed it.