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Pat Bev And Rashad McCants Made A ONE MILLION DOLLAR Bet On Rone vs. Aye Verb In A Rap Battle

Oh my goodness, someone get the ruler. I already had a little morning wood when I woke up, but as I saw this video while scrolling through my timeline in my bed, the rest of the blood in my body immediately rushed to the tip of my penis with excitement. This has to be the longest dick I've ever had; we're talking a full 3 inches. But that's enough cock talk. 

The fact of the matter is that everyone and their mother went on Twitter last night complaining that there was nothing to watch on TV and nothing to talk about other than Angel Reese finally putting the WNBA on the map, and this clip was just floating around the internet the entire time? Move over NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, College World Series, and whatever else we're supposed to be excited about in the sports world until football comes back......this has my full attention.

Look, if no one else will say it, I will: they hate on Caitlin Clark Rone because he's white. Gil's entire Arena is judging a book by its cover when this Tax Accountant lookalike is actually a stone cold killer. Did Gilbert Arenas just say he's watched all the Battle Rap and he's never seen Rone before? Must've missed the 2016 KOTD World Domination event (and 2017, too, for what it's worth). Must've missed the Feits line, too!

And look, I have no problem with Rashad McCants not knowing who Adam Ferrone, lead singer of Pup Punk, is....but his hubris needs to be called out onto the carpet. In what world does he think Pat Bev would come into the studio touting that he'd put $1 million cash on the line for the white dude next to him in a rap battle and not think the guy might possibly know what he's talking about? But Rashad jumped at the bet immediately (and Rone quickly smirked and said set it up when he mentioned the opponent), so now anything short of a $1,000,000 bet on Aye Verb vs. Rone makes him a coward. I love how Rashad stuck his chest out when he talked too, acting like a million cash ain't nothing for a John D. Rockefeller like himself.

I'm not saying $4 million is something to scoff at, as it's certainly more than I have in my little piggybank. But my prediction is that this never comes to be, not because he realizes that Rone has more creativity in his pinky than his guy has in his entire body, but because no one should be putting up a quarter of their net worth for any bet. Especially when Rone would literally be a -750 favorite…

I mean, Kenyon Martin digs into his bag to pull out the name Goodz, who Rone already demolished. 


"Tune in to Good Morning America to watch America mourning Goodz" 

He's simply too clever. And could you imagine if the other rapper wasn't able to use white jokes against Rone? I'd put my life savings on him vs. ANYONE if that were the case. But even with those low-hanging fruit jokes like being a good boy and a great free throw shooter, Goodz still repeated the same lie that he didn't care about the battle 1000x while Rone was dropping analogies that made you think before you went…..oh shit. That's why I think, if this were to happen, we need Stoolies in the audience.That's my only request. Sometimes watching his videos I don't feel the audience gets how incredibly clever his lines are in real-time.

$1,000,000 bet to rap battle Rone, smh. These people have lost their damn mind. 

Here's some Best of Rone if you've got some time to kill today (don't let Rashad McCants see this until he puts the cash on the table though)