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Beer League Hero: Connor McDavid Is 4 Wins Away From Bringing The Cup Back To Canada, Still Out Buying His Own Beer For The Boys

LeBron isn't out buying his own booze after carrying his team to the Finals. Tom Brady wasn't out buying his own pinot grigio after making it to another Super Bowl. Ronaldo probably has some sparkly fizzy drinks being flown in by a helicopter. 

Connor McDavid is a superstar, but he's the working man's superstar. The man makes $12.5M per year. Obviously he can afford to have someone go out and grab a few cases for him. But Connor McDavid is a man of the people. He's a hockey player. He needs to feel the warmth of the fluorescent lights in the beer store hitting his skin. He needs to inhale the scent of a 6-pack that was dropped in the refrigerated section and spilled all over the floor. You think you get stronger by having someone else carry those cases out to the car? No chance. Jesus turned water into wine. McJesus said man the fuck up and turned it into a case of Coors with some of the crispiest blue mountains you ever did see. 

A couple notes on the video here: A) Really weird behavior to be touching him and not give him a single inch to breath, but the fellas here seemed like good people who were genuinely appreciative of his greatness. So I'll give them a pass. 

2) You think McDavid is sleeping in that suit? There's no chance he's taken it off at any point over the last few weeks. 

D) Alberta looks...well...I guess exactly how I expected it to look?