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Could One Very Skinny Man Find A Purple Hat In Every State In America?

Chris Klemmer is an absolute gem of a guy. He hosts a reality show called "Rat Race", is a co-host on Picks 6 Central, does Baseball props on Trust The Data, was a co-host on The Recrotchables - Just Two Nuts Talkin' Ball with Brandon Walker and Chris Klemmer, runs a 90s baseball simulation as a GM, and a lot more. Well we concocted his next game show Monday and it was something.

What is Klemmer had to go to every state in the U.S. and find a person wearing a purple hat. Would it be hard? Would it be easy? The only catch was that there couldn't be any duplicate hats.

We decided to give it a try in Illinois and the pilot episode was must watch.

We even threw in a wrinkle that he'd get a set budget and would have to buy the hats and Klemmer checkmated us again! Who knew he had years of sales experience! Absolutely debunked KB's objections and turned it into a sale.

Catch the full Yak here: