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UNREAL: Phillies Fans Launch Batteries, Snowballs, And Biblical Hate At Rhys Hoskins In His First Return To Philadelphia

Oh...wtf?!?!?! The SOLD OUT June 3rd crowd gives Rhys a long standing ovation after he "left" the Phillies in favor of Milwaukee? Wow. Actually an amazing gesture by the Philly faithful for someone who gave his blood, sweat, tears, soul, and an ACL to the city over his almost decade with the squad. It would be nice if the national media would also highlight genuine clips like this instead of talking about an incident involving snowballs and Santa Clause *checks watch* almost 60 fucking years ago. 

But that's what Rhys deserves. Did he struggle at times in Philly? For sure. The mitt did no favors to the man in LF or 1B. But in the end, Rhys performed, played hard, and is just an overall great dude. He deserves all the love from Philly now and forever. 

Go Phils. 3-0 in the 6th for the best team in the league.. Long live Rhys. 

PS - David Dahl has been smashing the ball at Leigh Valley all year and continues slaying in his first game in The Show this season. Do the Phillies somehow have too many big league players? This was a BULLET.