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Crooks: ETrade Is Reportedly Considering Kicking Off RoaringKitty From Their Platform Due To "Growing Concern About Potential Stock Market Manipulation"

So the latest news out of today's $GME/GameStop craze is that ETrade is considering kicking off our GOAT Roaring Kitty because they think he's manipulating the stock market. I love the stock market man. It's some special. When these hedge fund managers who are literal zillionaires go on TV and pump stocks, it's "rizz". When the common man like Roaring Kitty does it, it's sexual harassment. It's like a casino that tells you you're winning too much and accuses you of counting cards.

And never forget they kicked the greatest retail trader of our generation Davey Day Trader (who is not a financial advisor) off the platform too:

I don't know if this is All Business Pete's fault or Twitter, but here's a video of Dave explaining in 2020 why he got kicked off the platform (spoiler: it's bullshit):

If Roaring Kitty's greatest crime is posting a bunch of memes on Twitter, then he's guilty as charged. The common man who turned $50,000 into a $200 million in GameStop is stock manipulating, only because the middle class isn't getting beat to smithereens. Sick league. I wonder what brokerage is going to step up and offer Roaring Kitty a platform and in turn probably get tons of retail traders on their site. But regardless...

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