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Another Fool Has Made the Mistake of Attempting To Fight a Waffle House Employee

Now I have seen some Waffle House fights in my day, but this one might take the cake as the craziest. Usually, we're looking at a couple punches and having everyone home for dinner, but this was a full scattered, smothered and covered donnybrook.

I don't know why there are still people out there who think they can take on Waffle House employees. Short of professional fighters, there is not a class of people I'd like to fight less than those who spend the hours of 12-6 a.m. corralling a WaHo. Those people have seen some shit.

Thinking you can compete with the employees at an establishment where knowing how to fight is a job requirement is a great way to find yourself in a situation like this:

Just enjoy your All-Star Special — I'm a blueberry waffle, hash browns (scattered and covered) and bacon man, myself — and do your best to not cause any sort of ruckus. Because anyone behind the Waffle House counter is a certified Ruckus Handler and they will fuck you up.

I just feel bad for the guy who didn't get his food. If I ever had somebody ruin my Waffle House experience like that, I'd beat their ass a second time in the parking lot.